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Daniel Goudie
  • Producer
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Daniel Goudie is a multi-talented producer and songwriter crossing over a variety of styled genres. He has produced and co-written the last 3 EPs with Island Records newly signed artist, Lauren Aquilina: Liars [EP] / Sinners [EP] & Fools [EP] He is also co-founding member of drum ‘n bass outfit, Astronaut which has been breaking the airwaves into the United States – they recently signed to Monstercat Records, groundbreaking dance label in the USA. He is also a co-founding member of dubplate producer collective, Mediks, signed to US label, AudioPorn Records. Dan is also writing a musicals alongside his father which heads to the west end in London sometime early 2015.

Dan goudie is also a member of electronic acts Astronaut [Monstercat Records] and Mediks


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