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BDi Weekly Newsletter 21 April 2007


TV Listing

Something For The Weekend  (BBC2 @ 10am Sunday)   [Amanda Ghost/Ollie Jacobs/Simon Frere / Clap/Bucks]  
Meerkat Manor  (BBC2 @ 5.20pm + 5.45pm double bill Sunday)   [Martin Ward p/k/a 'Brollyman' / Southern Star Circle/Bucks] 
The Daily Politics  (BBC2 @ 12pm Monday-Friday)   [Jim Meacock / Bucks]
The Wright Stuff  (Channel 5 @ 9am Monday-Friday)   [Amanda Ghost/Ian Dench/Pete Ibsen/Simon Frere / Clap/Bucks]
World's Lost Tribes: The Adventures Of Mark And Olly (Living With The Kombai)  (Discovery Channel @ 10pm Tuesday)  [Robert Hartshorne / Cicada Films/BDi]
My Life As A Child (series 2)  (BBC2 @ 7pm Wednesday & Thursday)   [titles: Nick Holywell-Walker / BDi] 
Grand Designs  (Channel 4 @ 9pm Wednesday)   [David Poore / BDi] 
Lemur Island  (Channel 5 @ 7.15pm Wednesday)      [Martin Ward p/k/a 'Brollyman' / Southern Star Circle/Bucks] 
Waterloo Road (series 2)  (BBC1 @ 8pm Thursday)   [title music: Mark Hinton Stewart / BDi]
Hotel Babylon (series 2)  (BBC1 @ 9pm Thursday)   [John Lunn / Bucks]
Question Time  (BBC1 @ 10.35pm Thursday)   [titles: Stanley Myers / Bucks]
Secret Life  (Channel 4 @ 9pm Thursday)   [Max De Wardener / Kudos/BDi]
The Bulls*** Detective  (BBC3 @ 9pm Thursday)   [Robin Stout/Liam Westbrook / Objective TV/Breakout/BDi]
The Real Hustle (series 3)  (BBC3 @ 10.30pm Thursday)   [Robin Stout & Liam Westbrook c/k/a 'Medina Sound' / Objective-Breakout/BDi] 
Derren Brown: Trick Or Treat  (Channel 4 @ 10pm Friday)   [Morgan Visconti/Sloan Alexander / Objective TV/Breakout/BDi]
Mean Machines  (Channel 5 @ 7.30pm on Friday)   [Adam Harvey / IWC Media/BDi]
Doctor Who  (BBC1 @ 7.40pm Saturday)   [Murray Gold / Bucks / BBC]
Missing  (BBC1 @ 9.15am Monday-Friday)  -  [Kevin LeavyBucks]
Ross Kemp: Teenage Gangs of South London  (Sky One @ 9pm Monday)  [Todd/Ayers/IWC/BDi]
Supernatural: Sea Of Souls 2 x 60  (Tuesday + Thursday @ 9pm)  [Sheridan Tongue/BDi]
Al Jazeera International Idents  [Shriek Music/BDi]

also, repeating this week:
on BBC1 [Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant/Bowie/BDi]
Derren Brown: Trick Or Treat on E4 [Visconti/Alexander/BDi]
Derren Brown on E4 [BDi]
My Life As A Child on BBC1 [Nick holywell-Walker/BDi]
Art Attack on ITV1 [Bucks]
Ten Days That Made The Queen on More4 [Paul Leonard Morgan/BDi]
The Treacle People on Channel 4 [Bucks]
Cash In The Attic on BBC1 [Bucks]
How Clean Is Your House on More4 [Bucks]
The Real Hustle on BBC3 [medina sound/BDi] 
The Bulls*** Detective on BBC3 [Medina Sound/BDi] 
Doctor Who + Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3 [Bucks]
The Story Of Tracy Beaker on BBC2 [Philip Appleby/BDi]
Little Britain on BBC3 [David Arnold/Bucks]
Meerkat Manor on BBC2 [Brolly/Bucks]


THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN: JOE STRUMMER [additional music: Steve Isles/DNA Music (BDi)] *



Nitrate Films/Parallel Films

poster available here: http://www.impawards.com/2007/joe_strummer.html

theatrical release: May 18th.

I WANT CANDY [composer: Murray Gold (Bucks); additional music: Steve Isles/DNA Music (BDi)] */**



Fragile Films

poster available here: http://www.impawards.com/2007/i_want_candy.html

theatrical release: March 23rd

I REALLY HATE MY JOB [composer: Charlie Mole (Bucks)]


3DD Productions

no poster, but image available here:http://www.britfilms.com/britishfilms/catalogue/browse/?id=D9CD54E21ae1a29844yTn1CF9E70

only doing the rounds at film festivals at present.

THE FLYING SCOTSMAN [Composer: Martin Phipps (BDi)]

details to follow - to be released in US 22nd April 07

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