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Daniel McIntyre co-writes & produces new Elkin single 'Tokens'

10 September 2021

Elkin have released new single 'Tokens' co-written and produced by Daniel McIntyre aka lullahush. The track features on Spotify UK's New Music Friday.  Check it out

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Life is Strange Soundtrack Featuring Novo Amor

8 September 2021

The complete ‘Life Is Strange: True Colors’ soundtrack has been revealed. Featuring 'Haven' by Novo Amor.  

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ITV's '9/11: Life Under Attack' Music Composed by Birger Clausen

7 September 2021

Tune in to ITV tonight September 7th at 9pm to watch '9/11: Life Under Attack'. Featuring music composed by Birger Clausen.  Click here for more.

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NUUXS Releases Debut Album 'Heirloom' Co-written by Jake Gosling

3 September 2021

NUUXS has released her debut album today via Goldun Egg. All songs co-written and produced by Jake Gosling. Listen here...

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AJ Wander Releases 'Eye To Eye (The Works)' EP

27 August 2021

AJ Wander has released a new EP 'Eye To Eye (The Works)' including a stripped version and piano version of his single 'Eye To Eye'.   Listen here...

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'H20: The Molecule that Made Us' Music by William Goodchild

25 August 2021

Tonight at 9PM tune in to BBC Four for Passion Planet's UK premiere of 'H20: The Molecule that Made Us'. Music by William Goodchild.    Click he..

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Tyler Shaw Releases Album Featuring 'Heaven' Cowritten by Jake Gosling

20 August 2021

Tyler Shaw has released his self titled album with Sony Music Canada. The album features the song 'Heaven' cowritten by Jake Gosling.    Listen here. 

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KURUPT FM Release 'Heart Monitor Riddim - 2021 Grime All-Star Remix'

20 August 2021

KURUPT FM have released 'Heart Monitor Riddim - 2021 Grime All-Star Remix' with special guests Footsie and P Money. From their new album 'The Greatest Hits (Part 1)' out now on Polydor Records. The track was co-written by..

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Fellow Creatures Original Music and Short Film by Jonathan Kerrigan

6 August 2021

Actor Jonathan Kerrigan, has co-produced, written and stars in new short film, 'Fellow Creatures' also composing the music score.    'When a mysterious Stranger approaches Tom with an unusual offer, th..

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AJ Wander Releases 'Way We Walk (The Works)' EP

23 July 2021

AJ Wander has released a new EP 'Way We Walk (The Works)' including a stripped version and piano version of his single 'Way We Walk'   Listen here...

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