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Apostle Shares Official Video For Debut Single

2 January 2018

New artist Apostle, has shared the official video for his debut single Dakota Thunder Rising, released on 15th December. Check it out below...

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Stuart Earl Composes Music For New BBC Adaption 'Little Women'

26 December 2017

Stuart Earl has composed the music for the new BBC period drama Little Women, an adaption of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott. The three part drama airs tonight and concludes on 28th December. Check out&nbs..

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Apostle Debut's First Single 'Dakota Thunder Rising'

15 December 2017

New artist APOSTLE has released his debut single Dakota Thunder Rising which is out now via Gudrum Music. Get your copy here and ke..

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Ed Tullett Co-writes On New Tay Salem Single 'Spindrift'

8 December 2017

The beautiful new single from Tay Salem - Spindrift - is out now on 

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Jake Gosling Co-Writes & Produces New Jeremy Loops Single

8 December 2017

The brilliant new single from Jeremy Loops — Waves — is available now on 

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Novo Amor & Ed Tullett Share Live Performance of 'Freehand'

5 December 2017

Novo Amor has previewed a live performance video of 'Freehand' with Ed Tullett take from their collabrative album 'Heiress'. Saying, "Ed and I recorded a live session of Freehand, one of my personal fav..

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Jessica Alice drops brand new single & video - 'Fly Away'

1 December 2017

Check out the video for Jessica Alice’s brand new single ‘Fly Away’ released today & available to download & stream ▶HERE..

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BDi Music's Musical Advent Calendar

1 December 2017

We will be posting a song a day in the lead up to Christmas with our Musical Advent Calendar. Check out our playlist on Spotify  

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Novo Amor track 'Carry You' features in Toyota R+S Holiday Commercial

28 November 2017

Novo Amor's stunning track 'Carry You' co written by Ed Tullet has been featured in the heart warming Toyota R+S holiday advert. Check it out here.....

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Novo Amor hits 100 million streams

28 November 2017

Huge congratulations to Novo Amor on reaching 100 million streams! ..

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