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Zac Pajak Releases 'Silver Lining VIP Mix' Co-Written by Jake Gosling

18 June 2021

Zac Pajak has released a new VIP Mix remix of his single 'Silver Lining' co-written by Jake Gosling and released on his record label Goldun Egg.    Listen here...

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NUUXS Releases New Single 'Lemongrass' Co-written by Jake Gosling

11 June 2021

NUUXS has released a new single and music video for 'Lemongrass' via Goldun Egg, co-written by Jake Gosling.   Listen here.   Watch below.&nbs..

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AJ Wander Releases 'Time Out (The Works)' EP

11 June 2021

AJ Wander has released a new EP 'Time Out (The Works)' including a stripped version and piano version of his debut single 'Time Out'   Listen here...

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Novo Amor Nominated for Best Independent Video at the AIM Awards 2021

10 June 2021

The music video for Novo Amor's 'If We're Being Honest' has been nominated for Best Independent Video in association with Vimeo at the AIM Awards 2021.  Click here for more.

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'Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story' Music Composed by Mat Davidson

9 June 2021

The new documentary film Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story premieres 10th June 2021 at the Tribeca Film Festival. The music in the film was composed by Mat Davidson.  Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story takes us on an immersiv..

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Kizzy Crawford Releases New Single 'Enquanto Há Vida, Há Esperança'

7 June 2021

Kizzy Crawford has released her new single 'Enquanto Há Vida, Há Esperança'.    Listen here.   Watch th..

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Sheridan Tongue Wins Emmy Award

7 June 2021

Sheridan Tongue has won an Emmy award with The Northwest Regional Emmy Awards for his work on 'The Last Artifact'.   Click here for more...

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Elaine Mai Releases 'Still Feel' featuring Ailbhe Reddy

4 June 2021

Elaine Mai has released her new single 'Still Feel' featuring Ailbhe Reddy. The track was added to Spotify's official New Music Friday UK playlist.   Listen here. 

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Onion Boys Release Single and Music Video 'Daddy's Arms'

27 May 2021

The second single 'Daddy's Arms' by Onion Boys is out now, made up of band members Leadpipe Daniel the Dangerous and Johnny Dublin.   

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Vanessa Gimenez Single 'Make It Rain' Co-written by Roo Primrose

20 May 2021

Vanessa Gimenez has released her debut solo single 'Make It Rain' co-written by Roo Primrose. The song was added to Spotify's official New Music Friday playlist on May 21st 2021.   

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