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Clash Music - Track Of The Day 7/12 Tay Salem 7 December 2017

Tay clash
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Tay Salem has a softness of touch that is just devastating.

The London-via-Beirut producer utilises a restrained palette, and this seems to simply enhance the colours and emotions rippling through his music.

New single 'Spindrift' continues his graceful evolution, matching flecks of stuttered guitar against those palatial electronics.

There's a soulful flair, too, with the gentle urgency of Tay's delivery soaring through the register as he intones those effortlessly personal words.

“I see people spending more time switching between the roles they play online than they do talking to each other”, explains Tay. ”It’s about the slow loss of identity that comes from living for notifications”.

Tune in below.

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