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Music Week - Sarah Liversedge on the Roll of Honour for Women In Music

7 November 2018

Our managing director Sarah Liversedge appears in the cover story of this week's Music Week clebrating Women In Music. Sarah has been on the honour roll every year since the Women In Music Awards began.    Click below to see the honour roll list..

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ASCAP - BDi Music Celebrates at the ASCAP Awards

25 October 2018

A big special thank you to the wonderful people at ASCAP for having us at the ASCAP Awards on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.  ..

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CLASH - Reconfiguration: The Continuing Journey Of Novo Amor

24 October 2018

Ali Lacey on creativity, independence, and his true 'Birthplace'...   "Ali Lacey has always been profoundly independent. Moving away from home at 16, he journeyed across the Atlantic, working for a summer in upstate New York. It was here, amongst the incredibl..

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Music Week - The World Service featuring Novo Amor

23 October 2018

In this week's Music Week (22.10.18) Believe distribution & label services are featured in Mark Sutherland's article 'The World Service' looking at the growing artist services sector in the independant music in..

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Loud and Quiet - Novo Amor 'Birthplace'

22 October 2018

"Inside the mysterious world of Novo Amor, only the immediate present remains intact. The concept of “emigrating” from oneself feels otherworldly and existential, but for Welsh folk singer Ali Lacy it’s just a natural evolutionary process. His alias, Novo Amor, has..

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The Sun - The Big Album - Novo Amor 'Birthplace'

22 October 2018

"Immerse yourself in the ethereal soundscapes of Welsh instrumentalist Novo Amor with his debut solo album Birthplace"   ..

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CLASH - Novo Amor 'Birthplace'

18 October 2018

"It's so rare to hear an album that feels like it was crafted as a single piece of art. There’s so much focus these days on streaming and single releases that all too often the idea of producing an album as a unit takes a back seat. Not so with Novo Amor&rsquo..

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Campaign - Freeview hits the Free Love Freeway in new campaign celebrating British TV hits

23 September 2018

" (The) film is accompanied by David Brent classic and features references to shows including Peaky Blinders and Gogglebox. Freeview is aiming for greater emotional resonance in a new campaign launching this evening that features references to no fewer than 27 TV shows. Created by Anomal..

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Music Business Worldwide - Sarah Liversedge Interview

21 September 2018

Managing Director of BDi Music Sarah Liversedge features in the latest issue of Music Business Worldwide's magazine. Download and read the complete article interview below. ..

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The Fader - Hear a heartwrenching, beautiful new song from folk singer Novo Amor

7 September 2018

“Utican, and its accompanying video, is an emotional rollercoaster." - Steffanee Wang   As Novo Amor Welsh singer Ali Lacey makes achingly tender folk music backboned by his airy, falsetto vocals. He's gearing up t..

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