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Ed's World [Billboard]

15 April 2014

Ed's World - Famous friends, frequent collaborators and an A-list orbit..... Jake Gosling - The English producer has worked with Sheeran since 2008. The two co-wrote One Direction's 'Moments'..

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Signs O' The Times [Music Week]

14 April 2014

BDi Music [Sister company to Bucks Music Group] has signed seventeen-year-old Welsh singer/songwriter Kizzy Crawford. She's gained support from BBC Radio Wales and Cymru, won the Brwydr Y Bandiau at the National Eisteddfod 2013, as well as the Merthyr & RCT Singer-Songwriter competition.....

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MW Writer's notes: Jake Gosling

11 September 2013

BRIT Award winning and multi time platinum selling producer, published by BDi Music Limited. What’s the first song you wrote? It was a song called Nicky. Written when I was ten years old about an old girlfriend that dumped me after a game of pass the orange. The orange slipped and she ended..

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Major label bidding war for David Brent

29 July 2013

Ricky Gervais has received a number of “ridiculous offers from all over the world” from major record labels for a David Brent album. Interest in the Office star has come after Gervais released a number of songs as a series of comic shorts called Learn Guitar with David Brent via his Yo..

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Sarah Liversedge is interviewed for ‘The Works’ magazine

24 June 2013

How do you proactively chase down royalties for your composers, particularly overseas? Sarah Liversedge: We have 24 wholly owned companies around the world. We usually condition the production companies to provide the programme sales information, which springboards our overseas companies into acti..

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Geri Halliwell tests new music on daughter

17 May 2013

The former Spice Girl has recruited fellow flame-haired pop star Ed Sheeran's songwriter Amy Wadge for her latest solo record but admits that despite having a professional on-board, she relies on her daughter's approval before the tracks get the all clear. Halliwell joined Wadge in a shed..

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Amy Wadge and Geri Halliwell [Ivors 2013]

16 May 2013

Whilst writing songs together in Amy's Welsh garden shed, Amy Wadge and Geri Halliwell took some deserved time out to enjoy the Ivors. ..

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Former Ginger Spice reveals magic of working with Amy Wadge

1 May 2013

Geri Halliwell has resurrected her pop career in the unlikely surrounds of a Welsh garden shed. The former Spice Girl has spoken about her recent trip to write with Church Village-based singer-songwriter Amy Wadge – a visit she described as “magical”. The pop star travelled to So..

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Doc Brown on standup, Ricky Gervais and how Thatcher wrecked his research

20 April 2013

Rapper-turned-comedian Doc Brown is in a Turkish cafe with a pot of tea, explaining the genesis of his collaboration with shark-toothed showbiz deity Ricky Gervais. "Ricky called me up out of the blue, said he'd been watching clips of me on YouTube and did I want to open for him on his Eu..

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The Musical Comedy Awards: Grand Final 2013 [Isy Suttie]

19 April 2013

They may not have the industry clout of the Edinburgh comedy awards or the axious worthiness of the Mercury Music prize, but the musical comedy awards (now in their fifth year) perform a vital service in propping up an oft-overlooked aspect of the UK scene.....

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