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London Evening Standard - Jake Gosling Interview 'The secret songwriters behind pop’s biggest hits'

7 August 2018

While Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and Beyonce's songs are adored by millions around the world, the songwriters who helped create them often remain anonymous and unsung. These unseen figures, however underappreciated, are integral cogs in the mechanics of pop and three names who kn..

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The House That Soul Built - Kizzy Crawford ‘Progression’ Review

1 August 2018

"To be included within the Welsh A-level Music syllabus is quite the endorsement (and potential path to immortalisation). Indeed, Welsh singer Kizzy Crawford – of Barbadian, Welsh, and English heritage – has grown an underground following of sorts. Though yet to break into the mai..

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M Magazine - Interview: Novo Amor

31 July 2018

Cardiff-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ali Lacey is Novo Amor, a finger-picking solo endeavour steeped in the folk tradition.   From Sufjan Stephens and the great American wilderness to the weight of skater rock, Ali’s influences thrum au..

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Official Charts - Get to know Amy Wadge, the superstar songwriter

31 July 2018

The Grammy-winning songwriter is back in the limelight as a performer thanks to her new EP "Behind every great popstar, there is a great songwriter. Many songwriters and producers have stepped out of the shadows lately, with the likes of Julia Michaels, Stargate, watt, Benny..

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Greenpeace - We Interviewed Singer Novo Amor About His Latest Music Video

30 July 2018

"We chatted to Welsh singer Novo Amor about his latest music video, which highlights the problem of plastic in our oceans. An underwater diver drifts freely, gliding past majestic sea turtles, huge manta rays and schools of shimmering fish… and an enormous whale made from plastic..

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Blues and Soul Magazine - Review of Kizzy Crawford 'Progression'

27 July 2018

"New Soul -Folk sensation Kizzy Crawford gifts us with her debut single on Freestyle Records to dazzling effect. Kizzy possesses an evocative melodic and smooth as cream voice with a very stylish persona to boot. 'Progre..

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The Thin Air - Premiere: Joshua Burnside – REarranged (Lyrics Video)

23 July 2018

"Last month, Belfast-based singer-songwriter Joshua Burnside released one of the Irish EPs of the year thus far, the understated and masterfully candid All Round The Light Said. ‘REarranged’ was a highlight from the release, and now the track has a brand new lyr..

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Soul and Jazz - Kizzy Crawford Releases New Video For Her Single 'Progression'

18 July 2018

BDi artist and songwriter Kizzy Crawford has just released a music video for her new single 'Progression' on Freestyle Records. The video premeired on Soul and Jazz's

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Parley - Novo Amor ‘Birthplace’ Video is a Powerful Statement for the Oceans

17 July 2018

"Ahead of the October release of his debut album ‘Birthplace’, Novo Amor, aka Ali Lacey, is harnessing his talents to be a catalyst for collaboration and a voice for the oceans. His recently released video for ‘Birthplace,’ the album’s title track, stars world-re..

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Mi Soul - The One to Watch: Kizzy Crawford 'Waiting Game'

16 July 2018

Handpicked by Ronnie Herel, Head of Music at Mi-Soul, this week’s one to watch is all about Kizzy Crawford. Crawford has just signed to freestyle records,&nb..

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