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Joshua Burnside
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There is a man in an attic somewhere at four in the morning. He is shaking knives in a biscuit tin, stomping and shouting, pitch bending, coding, looping, plucking banjos and squeezing accordions, layering sound upon sound like a demented chef creating a monstrous cake, a swirling dream of colours and visions of the apocalypse, visions of death, and love and stories of people trying to carve out their place in the universe. Joshua Burnside was born in Ireland, but cites the music of Colombia, Eastern Europe and North America as the greatest influences on his unique sound. Deftly blending folk textures and melodies with elements of electronica, he has made it difficult for pundits to put him in a box.  Stumbling beats, found sounds, vocoders, Cumbian rhythms, electric guitar loops, devils, lightning and dark matter are just a handful of the various flavours to expect.


Joshua's debut record ‘EPHRATA’, has racked up over 3.5  million plays on Spotify and 250,000 views on Youtube with the album being heralded a triumph by critics, having won the prestigious Northern Ireland Music Prize 2017. Joshua played eight shows at SXSW this year and will play both BBC 6 Music’s The Biggest Weekend Fringe and The Great Escape in May. He will continue to tour the UK and Ireland until August. During the tour, he will play festivals including Sound Of The Shore, Sunflowerfest, Knockanstockan, Stendhal Festival and Another Love Story.


His new EP, All Around The Light Said, was released on June 29th 2018


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