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Irish artist Daniel McIntyre has been conducting the secret affair of poetry and production. A multi instrumentalist and lyricist, he began playing in bands at age 13 and soon took to the laptop to get to the heart of it all. Writing with and producing for several up and coming artists including Æ Mak, Elkin and Bad Bones, his unique style led to him being chosen for the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin. This experience gave him the confidence to pursue his own project, lullahush, a measure of the distance between ambience and pop. Upon his return to Dublin he locked himself in a room to make ‘A City Made Of Water And Small Love’, a collection of moongaze croonings that sound a midnight flirtation with organic electronica, soaked in the influence of Dublin’s literary tradition. Daniel McIntyre is a composer, and lullahush is a slow dance through the anxious energy of a late night mind. He is a storyteller, and lullahush is a story set at the point where all the world's imperfections merge with its beauty. 'A City Made Of Water And Small Love’ is due for release this year with its first piece, ‘If Spring Had A Spare Room I’d Rent It With You’, coming in April.


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