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Music Week - BDi Music signs Liz Cass to worldwide publishing agreement

15 April 2024

We're excited to announce we've signed Liz Cass to an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement.  Cass got her first topline cut in 2012, which resulted in her debut release Follow Me with John Monkman, on Berlin-based label Get Physical Music. The track was su..

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Record of the Day - JERUB - Ones To Watch 2024

24 November 2023

Finishing our second week of Ones To Watch 2024 is Nigerian-born, Nottingham-based breakthrough pop artist JERUB. He first came to our attention in February this year when we featured his warm and atmospheric single ‘

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Music Week - BDi Music signs rising artist and songwriter Jerub

18 September 2023

BDi Music has signed artist and songwriter Jerub to an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement.  The deal coincides with the release of new sing..

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Clash Magazine talks to AE MAK on her new life in Berlin

25 May 2023

Irish born AE MAK recently re-located to Berlin. With the release of her new 'Berlin Mixtape', Clash Mag spoke to her on how it feels to live in Berlin, new creative pursuits and favourite spots.  Check it out below...

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Music Week - BDi Music signs songwriter and producer Ben Lythe

12 May 2023

BDi Music has signed multi-instrumentalist, music director, composer, producer and songwriter Ben Lythe to an exclusive, worldwide publishing deal. Onc..

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Atwood Magazien - Feature: Singer/Songwriter Roo Panes’ ‘The Sumemr Isles’ Is a Celebration of Connection, Stillness, & Life Itself

6 April 2023

Singer/songwriter Roo Panes dives into his sun-kissed and spiritually cleansing fourth album ‘The Summer Isles,’ an enchanting celebration of connection, stillness, nature, love, and life itself. Stream: “Samalaman Bay” – Roo Panes

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Hot Press - Album Review: Ailbhe Reddy, Endless Affair

17 March 2023

Known for her witty lyricism and incandescent alt-folk vocals, Ailbhe Reddy has been steadily on the rise since the release of her 2016 debut EP.  However, the singer’s latest offering Endless Affair &ndash..

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The Irish Times - Ailbhe Reddy: Endless Affair - Indie pop cedes to quieter, more vulnerable songs on an excellent second album

17 March 2023

4 Star Review Ailbhe Reddy probably should have been a star by now. As the Dublin musician learned, however, sometimes timing is everything. Releasing your debut album as a pandemic raged in 2020 meant that those quietly brilliant if somewhat guileless songs didn&..

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CLASH - Last To Leave: Ailbhe Reddy’s Artistic Growth

16 March 2023

  "Songwriting and figuring out how people tick are not too different..." ‘Endless Affair’, the sophomore LP from Dublin singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy, finds an artist in turmoil. She’s a young woman..

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