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Danny Hall
  • Producer
  • Songwriter

Danny Hall, also known by his artist name FJ Law is a producer / songwriter of 27 years old. In his career so far he has been a part of projects equating to over 40 million streams and has worked with artists such as Nina Nesbitt, Charlie Orain, Ber, SODY, Julia Church and Beth McCarthy. Danny grew up on the south coast of England in a small village called Milford On Sea, he moved to London in 2020 to collaborate and meet new artists to help excel his artist project as well as boost his producer and writing presence in the up and coming music scene. Executing all of this from his home studio in South West London. His artist project; FJ Law, consists of new wave alternative bedroom pop music that he has made his niche over the past few years. He debuted his first EP ‘Tape 1’ in 2021 and has plans to roll out new singles for an upcoming 2nd EP this Autumn. Various tracks from Tape 1 have landed on multiple editorial playlists including New Music Daily on Apple Music as well as Spotify New Music Friday UK 3 times, Fresh Finds Pop, New Pop UK and the number 1 track on Spotify’s Creativity Boost playlist. A number of tracks that Danny has worked on with other artists have also been featured on editorial playlists.


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