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Mat Davidson Composes Music for 'Mim Shaikh: Finding Dad' on BBC 3 18 October 2018

Mim shaikh finding dad thursday 18th october bbc3
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BDi composer Mat Davidson has written the music for a new BBC 3 documentary 'Mim Shaikh: Finding Dad' which it out today. Click here to watch now.


Mim Shaikh is a radio broadcaster, actor and spoken word artist. He’s loved to entertain since he was a child, but there’s always been something or someone missing.


When Mim was just six months old his mother left his father in the West Midlands, taking him with her to South London. Mim never saw – or heard from – his father again. He grew up surrounded by his mother’s family, with barely a mention of his father. They have no idea where he is, or whether he is alive or dead. Mim’s mother has suffered from mental health problems all her life and it has been impossible for Mim to ask her about his father.


In this film Mim embarks on a deeply personal journey, delving into his family history to discover the truth of what happened to his parents’ marriage. His main quest is to find his dad and ask him why his mother had to leave all those years ago – and why he’s never been in touch. Information on his father is almost non-existent. Mim starts his search with three photos of his dad taken in 1991 that he’s never seen before.


Speaking for the first time to close family members about his parents’ marriage he begins to build a picture of his father’s character. As he delves deeper into his father’s story, he discovers his Dad is far older than he expected – he fears that he may have died and his search will be in vain. His search takes him to Dudley, where he was born and is his dad’s last known location. But every lead turns out to be a dead end, until he meets a group of his dad’s old friends who break his case wide open. Mim sets out on an unforgettable global journey to finally get the answers he’s been wanting for 26 years.