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JOE - lullahush 'Elysium' Song Of The Day 6 August 2018

Joe lulahush
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"I started writing this song when I was 17 and afraid of becoming a 'hopeless twenty-something'," notes Daniel McIntyre, who makes music and performs under the name of lullahush.


"It grew up with me and became about the people you lose and the places you can't get back to, but also about the people you stay with and the places you never stop going."


A relatable sentiment, one that does indeed resonate the older you get.


Also known for his role in rising art-pop project Æ MAK, McIntyre has many strings to his bow. He earned a place in the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin last year, and has also worked with the likes of Bad Bones and Elkin in recent times.


A very busy boy indeed, then. And yet there's time for his own lullahush endeavours.


As outlined above, 'Elysium' deals with all-too-human anxiety, and it does so via the medium of winsome, searching, ultimately hopeful electronica.