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Sheridan Tongue - Silent Witness [Series 11-12]

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Silent Witness [Series 11-12]


Sheridan Tongue

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BBC Worldwide

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11 April 2011

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Not Applicable

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Tv Music

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Sheridan Tongue

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Forensic pathologists Professor Leo Dalton, Dr Harry Cunningham and Dr Nikki Alexander are back in one of the BBC's most successful and longest-running crime dramas. Series 11: Apocalypse an RAF helicopter crashes onto a detention centre for asylum seekers, Harry suspects the MOD may be covering up the true cause of the helicopter crash. Suffer The Children The discovery of a mutilated child’s body in a river raises the question of ritual killing Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the death of a priest from a local school. Hippocratic Oath A post mortem on a child who died during pioneering surgery prompts Nikki to investigate a leading paediatrician with an unusually high mortality rate. Double Dare Nikki is forced to revisit an emotive and controversial case from her past when a notorious female murderer is herself murdered. Meanwhile, Harry is investigating two unidentified bodies found in the garden of an empty house. Peripheral Vision Nikki clashes with DCI Mays over the guilt of a gypsy he suspects of a double murder, while Harry takes on an insurance company which is refusing to pay out life assurance over a case of CJD. Series 12: Safe Leo is arrested for drink-driving, he is sentenced to do Community Service on a rough estate while Levi is sucked into a world of gangs and violence. Death’s Door Harry is mentor to an eager medical and tangles with a Russian oligarch over the murder of a journalist. Terror Nikki investigates an armed raid on a terrorist cell and her investigation faces mounting police hostility. Judgement Harry is drawn into the Hasidic Jewish community when a young man is brutally murdered and he clashes with the police as he pursues the killer of two Hasidic men. The Lost Child When one boy is found dead, and another is abducted, the team must work against the clock to find him. Finding Rachel The team investigates the death of a British medical student in Zambia and Nikki clashes with Zambian police as the case unfolds.