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Sheridan Tongue - Silent Witness [Series 19]

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Silent Witness [Series 19]


Sheridan Tongue

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BBC Worldwide

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14 March 2016

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Not Applicable

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Tv Music

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Sheridan Tongue

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Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern and David Caves return in the award-winning crime drama Silent Witness as the series celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016. Dr Nikki Alexander, Dr Thomas Chamberlain and Dr Jack Hodgson form a dedicated team of forensic pathologists who try to work out how and why the victim died. This series sees Nikki investigate a murder that's a carbon copy of a case from her past. She soon suspects that the killings are personal to her. But who will believe her? Jack creates tension when he finds himself aligned with a police complaints investigator over the accidental shooting of a girl by armed police. And a seemingly random killing in the remote countryside leads Nikki and Jack into the dangerous underbelly of a criminal world.